Weekly News | Year 2023  
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Week 26 W26 W26 W26 W26 W26   W26  
Week 25 W25 W25 W25          
Week 24 W24   W24          
Week 23 W23   W23          
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Week 05 W05 W05     W05   W05  
Week 04 W04 W04     W04   W04  
Week 03 W03 W03   W03 W03   W03  
Week 02 W02 W02   W02     W02  
Week 01 W01 W01   W01 W01   W01  

CO: Central Office
AH: AMDA Hospital
SCWH: Siddhartha Children and Women Hospital
AMH: AMDA Mechi Hospital
AIHS Damak: AMDA Institute of Health Science, Damak
AIHS Butwal: AMDA Institute of Health Science, Butwal
Protection and Assistance to Persons of Concerns Project
EpiCMeeting Targets and Maintaining Epidemic Control 
AMDA Nepal

Contact Details

AMDA Nepal
Gokarneshwar Municipality - 6, Jorpati
P.O. Box 8909, Kathmandu
Phone: +977 (1) 4910235, 4911140
E-mail: info@amda.org.np

AMDA Hospital
Damak Municipality-2, Kharkhare, Jhapa
Phone: +977 (23) 580186, 581266
E-mail: ah.damak@amda.org.np

Siddharth Children & Women Hospital
Butwal Sub-Metrpolitan -7, Rupendehi
Phone: +977 (71) 502101, 502097
E-mail: scwh.butwal@amda.org.np

AMDA Mechi Hospital
Mechinagar Municipality-10, Dhulabari, Jhapa
Phone:+977 (23) 564550

E-mail: amh.dhulabari@amda.org.np
AMDA Institute of Health Science
Damak Municipality-2, Kharkhare, Jhapa
Phone: +977 (23) 582186, 580355
E-mail: aihs.damak@amda.org.np

AMDA Institute of Health Science
Butwal Sub-metropolitan city 7, Deepnagar, Butwal
Phone: +977 (71) 502101, 502097
E-mail: aihs.butwal@amda.org.np
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