Published Date: Jun 03, 2024
Expiry Date: Jun 09, 2024

आम्दा नेपाल
साप्ताहिक गतिविधि
प्रकाशन मितिः २०८१।०२।२१ गते
(अवधि वि.सं. २०८१।०२।१४ देखि २०८१।०२।२० सम्म । ई.सं. २०२४, २२ औ हप्ता)
  • Psychosocial Counselor provide psychosocial support to refugee population every Monday and Tuesday in Beldangi settlements whereas Thursday in Sansichare settlements per week. The total of 4 individuals and 4 follow up from Beldangi and received counselling in this week. Also at AMDA Hospital (Wednesday) she counselled 1 individual (National).
  • AMDA supported and facilitated in Orientation on child marriage organized by BRCF at Beldangi with the participation of children 54 (22 Boys 32 Girls) of age group 10-18 years on 28th May.The session of Psychosocial counselor was also added in relation to adolescent anger issues and result of child marriage.
  • AMDA carried out supervision visit of SMC and CBOs on 30th  and 31st  of May, 2024 where the monthly activites, budget utilization and documentation as per scheduled was observed and suggested accordingly. The report of which is shared with UNHCR.
  • BRCF organized Mentor mentee Parents meeting at Beldangi and Sanischare on 28th May where the total 15 mentor and mentee were introduced with each other and parents were informed on program objective, why the children was choosen, support of parents and SMC.
  • SMC of Sanischare organized meeting on 28th May for the discussion on Celebration of World Environment Day- Plantation of tree(Rudraksha, Jakaranda etc) and variety of flowers(Mussaenda, Poinsettia(Lalupate), Rose etc.). On World Refugee Day- Stage Drama highlighting life of refugee since 1992.
  • BRWF of Beldangi organized Quaterly Coordiantion meeting on GBV with participation of SMC, SWT, CBOs, AMDA and LWF on 30th May with discussion on data of cases(6  Domestic Violence Case, 3 Physical Assault, 1 Underage marriage), orientation events for SWT new members, BRWF sub sector and Sub Sector Unit for collaboration on GBV cases during night time.
  • BRWF of Sansichare coordinated with ECDC and visited with 11 children aged 5 to 8 years old for the vaccination of IVP(Inactivated Polio Vaccine) at Hirak School on 27th May as per National campaign. Other children got the vaccination in their respective schools.
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