AMDA Nepal has been working as a NGO partner of AMDA MINDS in Nepal since 2007. Under the Project Agreement (PA) between teh social welfare council and AMDA-MINDS, AMDA-Nepal had successfully implemented a project for improvement of maternal and child health (MCH) in Rupandehi and Nawalparashi districts for five years. The first MCH project had to major components; providing basic health awareness to community to prevent risk factors by communities themselves, and enhancing quality medical services of Siddhartha and children hospital. Based on this successful experience and expertise, AMDA-Nepal is implementing the MCH project in Gadawa Dang since 1 March 2019.

The MCH project area, Gadhawa Rural Municipality is located in the southeastern tip of Dang, which is the Midwestern district under the Province No. 5. Its area of 358.57 square kilometers is a part of Dang-Deukhuri Valley. The major land feature of this Rural Municipality is inner Tarai type. Compared to the low flat land at the bank of Rapti River, Chure hill area with rugged land including some gorges is less productive as well as less accessible. Especially the swollen river in the rainy season obstructs the roads and mobility of people. Some communities remain cut off from the mainland of Gadhawa. In addition, there is a dense forest which is still virgin and less incursion from the population.
Before restructuring of local bodies, there were 4 VDCs i.e. Gobardiya, Gangaparaspur, Gadhawa and Koilabas within the territory of present-day Gadhawa Rural Municipality, but now it has been divided into 8 wards, of which 4 share the border with India.

Rajendra Ruchal
Program Manager
MCHP, Gadawa Rural Municipality, Dang
E-mail: mchp.dang@amda.org.np
Phone: +977(82)410103
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