Community is an integral part of AMDA Hospital being it a humanitarian, non-profit-making, non-political, non-sectarian, charity-based hospital. AMDA Hospital strongly believes in supporting its community as much as possible. We have been actively participating in various community relief and supportive events by coordinating with various other governments, non-government and local agencies. Some of our major role towards the community is:
  • To conduct free OPD services and provide discount and fruits to admit patients during AMDA/Hospital Days.
  • To provide emergency health services, help in collect and distribute relief materials and supports during natural calamities.
  • To conduct free health camps in rural and needy areas through AMDA Humanitarian Relief Fund at least 4 times a year by collaborating with the concerned local government authorities.
  • To carry out health awareness programs in community schools and colleges coordinating with Municipalities and Rural Municipalities.
  • To conduct regular cleanliness activities around the hospital premises and surrounding areas by collaborating with Municipality and Tole Bikash Sansthas.
  • To conduct disaster minimization management trainings by coordinating with local and government authorities.