LINKAGES Nepal Project provides continuum of HIV prevention, care and treatment (CoPCT) services among female sex workers (FSWs), clients of FSWs and people living with HIV (PLHIV) in 17 project’s districts and men who have sex with men (MSM), male sex workers (MSWs) and transgender (TG) people in five project’s districts of Nepal. The project works in close collaboration with the Government of Nepal, local nongovernmental organization (NGO) partners, and national networks of key population (KPs) and PLHIV and their community-based organizations (CBOs).
As a LINKAGES Nepal project implementing partner agency (IA), AMDA Nepal is implementing HIV care, support and treatment services among key populations (KPs) and PLHIV in collaboration with LINKAGES Nepal IA Sahara Nepal in Jhapa, Morang and Sunsari districts from October 1, 2016. From April 2019, AMDA Nepal will also provide HIV prevention community outreach services among FSWs and clients of FSWs in Jhapa, Morang and Sunsari districts which is currently being implemented by LINKAGES Nepal IA Sahara Nepal until March 2019.