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 Namaskar ! (Greetings !)

Welcome to AMDA Nepal. AMDA Nepal has 27 years history of improving health service delivery through hospitals, community based projects and academic programs in Nepal. We are committed to ensure the quality health services through national and int'l collaboration and partnership.

We are delighted to appreciate the vision of Dr. Shigeru Suganami for his impressive effort to establish and name this organization. I wish him every success in pursuing and achieving AMDA's aim to contribute the global peace through the improvement of human health and well-being.

We appreciate the efforts made by our founder members under the leadership of Dr. Rameshwor Pokharel to have the idea to establish AMDA–Nepal as a non-profit making humanitarian NGO. My special gratitude goes to Dr. Dinesh Binod Pokhrel, Dr. Shishir Kumar Regmi, Dr. Ramesh Prasad Aacharya, Dr. Pashupati Regmi, Dr. Rishikesh Narayan Shrestha, Dr. Saroj Prasad Ojha the past presidents and Dr. Sunu Dulal and Dr. Rohit Kumar Pokhrel the acting president for different tenure for their remarkable contribution to uplift the organization to this level. Dedicated and professional member of AMDA Nepal are equally thankful for their vision and work.

As a NGO, we have accomplished a number of projects with very successful records, which are summarized in this website. We have seen our self-growing in many aspects. With every passing year, we found the new opportunity to serve the people in need. With the experience of executing many successful projects and the goodwill we have gained, we are gearing towards another year of challenge to implement the projects to ensure the improved living status of the people in the crises of hunger, diseases, environmental degradation and the conflict. We are encouraged to work more as working together for health is not just a matter of charity, it also makes economic sense and the sustainability. Investments in the health of poor people are a springboard for economic growth. We believe, it needs determination, solidarity, of mutual respect and above all, of hopes to meet the need of poor and marginalized community.

Indeed, AMDA Nepal has gained this height only due to the dedication of its staff member for the humanitarian cause even in the very hard time. I feel honored to congratulate all my colleagues working with AMDA Nepal with the highest civility and the determination toward the lasting goodwill of the organization.

No place is immune of natural calamities. We have been involving in many natural disasters around the world to save the life of people. In fact, it gives immense pleasure while working for the noble cause to save the life of people. We assure to working together by improving emergency response services.

On behalf of AMDA Nepal, I would like to extend our sincere gratitude for the every cooperation we received from our stakeholders especially, the people of Japan through the Embassy of Japan in Nepal and the AMDA HQ. I would like to thank the Government of Nepal for entrusting us to deliver our program activities throughout the nation. We remained thank full to Tsuyama rotary club, UNHCR, UNDP, UNWFP, IOM, FHI360/Nepal, ADRA, PSI/Nepal, AMDA MINDs, LWF and all other development agencies including NGOs in Nepal for their valuable support and cooperation.

We welcome your ideas, suggestions and input and most importantly your participation. Look forward to more partnerships.
Dr. Anil Kumar Das
Chairperson, AMDA Nepal
AMDA Nepal

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AMDA Nepal
Gokarneshwar Municipality - 6, Jorpati
P.O. Box 8909, Kathmandu
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AMDA Hospital
Damak Municipality-2, Kharkhare, Jhapa
Phone: +977 (23) 580046, 580667
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Siddharth Children & Women Hospital
Butwal Sub-Metrpolitan -7, Rupendehi
Phone: +977 (71) 502097
Fax: +977 (71) 502085

AMDA Mechi Hospital
Mechinagar Municipality-10, Dhulabari, Jhapa
Phone: +977 (23) 560550

AMDA Institute of Health Science
Damak Municipality-2, Kharkhare, Jhapa
Phone: +977 (23) 580186, 582186