PHC Project for Bhutanese Refugees

Medical referrals:  
Medical referrals for refugees is palnned to made through health insurance in 2019. Those who are not registered in the census from Beldangi camp, referrals will be made in accordance with the revised medical guidelines of December 2018 based on cost sharing mechanism except for PSN with Social Economic Vulnerabilities. Sanischare refugees’ will be provided with referral services until the health insurance programme is implemented.

AMDA will closely liaise with UNHCR, LWF, and the Livelihoods Taskforce for the creation of a community based social fund/income generating activity managed by the CMC to support vulnerable individuals who cannot afford the costs of tertiary medical treatment. AMDA will continue to cover the costs for two meals a day for patients referred for treatment that requires hospitalization. In cases where refugees with a serious medical issue do not have a caretaker and need to be referred to a hospital for treatment, the CMC will continue to nominate care taker who will accompany the patient to hospital.
No allowance and transport costs will be provided to caretakers, and efforts will be made to encourage refugees to provide support. These changes to health delivery services are being made in the context of the overall health strategy which envisages refugees becoming less dependent on external assistance for health services; whilst enhancing livelihoods opportunities and promoting community-based mechanisms to strengthen the self-reliance of refugees.

In line with the rationalisation plan, ambulance service will be provided to Sanischare refugee till the health insurance is implemented and to non-registered refugee of Beldangi. AMDA will handover its ambulance to Damak hospital in July, after which AMDA will hire ambulance, if needed.
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