PHC Project for Bhutanese Refugees

Published Date: Sep 23, 2019
Weekly News (W38 23/09/2019_201_PHCP)

1. Management Workshop

Project Manager, Suman Kumar Nepal and Senior Admin & Finance Officer, Niraj Dhungana from AMDA Nepal, Primary Health Care Project for Bhutanese Refugees participated in Management Workshop from 17th to 18th September 2019. The workshop was organized by AMDA Nepal, Central Office, Jorpati, Kathmandu.
2. Awareness Raising Workshop

Awareness Raising Workshop for Persons with Disability was conducted on 16/Sept/2019 at Training Hall, Health Center, Beldangi by BRAD with direct support of AMDA PHCP for BR. Facilitator for the program was Mr. Shyam Kr. Pokhrel, Community Based Rehabilitation Facilitator, HRDC, Banepa. Spacial guest for the program was Mr. Khagendra Bhattarai, President of Damak Disable Helping Committee. The session was observed by UNHCR and AMDA PHCP for BR. Total of 35 participants were informed about services provided by the government for people with disabilities, of which 16 were female and 19 were male.
3. Sanitation Program in Sanischare Camp

In response to rising dengue cases, awareness campaigns are being conducted on a regular basis. In addition, AMDA PHCP in coordination with CMC Sanischare formed a "Cleanup Group" leadership of including CMC, CBOs, CWT, APF, camp based staff of agencies, and general public. Cleanup campaigns are being organized at sub-sector, sector and camp level.  AMDA PHCP has provided necessary supplies for the sanitation as well as awareness programs. Daily Sanitation Programs are planned till the cases are controlled. 
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