PHC Project for Bhutanese Refugees

Beldangi camp:
As of 31 October 2018, there are some 5,182 Bhutanese refugee residing in Beldangi camp, which represent about 78.12% of total refugee population. AMDA has its own presence in Beldangi camps; providing minimum services through night emergency and community health unit. The emergency and community health unit are overseen by support of refugee incentive staffs. Human resource in charge (HRI) is camp office in charge. Moreover, AMDA, in close consultation with UNHCR’s health staff continue preparing a staffing plan commensurate with the camp population reduction and required health services.

According to the nature of refugee’s health problem, s/he visit public health facilities through health insurance card and emergency unit during night time. These units assess patients and provide necessary medical interventions as per the diagnosis. Interventions may include counselling, health education, drug prescription, referral to dispensary for drugs and injection/dressing if needed.
For mental health services, refugees’ can visit Aamchowk UHC where one mental health prescriber is stationed. The service is available 5 days a week/8 hours a day between 09:00 A.M. and 05:00 P.M. In 2019, all chronic patients can access Damak Hospital. AMDA with support from UNHCR will support public health facilities to establish mental health unit as per the guidelines of Nepal government.
The agreement is made with psychiatrist to visit mental unit of Damak hospital and Mangalbare hospital once a month for consultation.
The injection and dressing unit is merged with the emergency unit managed by incentive CMA and is open 7days a week during night. One psycho-social counsellor is based in Damak hospital to counsel refugees’ and host community in Damak hospital.
Census absentees and asylum seekers who are not registered are also provided referral to primary referral center who can also be assisted with ambulance. One night emergency staff (HA) is stationed at Damak hospital night emergency to support Damak hospital and provide service to refugees’ and host community.
Refugee are supposed to utilise all other services of MCH unit from local health facilities which AMDA continue to monitor. One Family health promoter (FHP) is in camp to conduct hut visit for follow up of ANC cases. Total 70 essential drugs as per government list are arranged to  dispense to refugees and host community from Aamchowk UHC dispensary (close to the Beldangi camp).
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