Long-term plan

The project approach envisions close collaboration with the GoN, local NGOs, and national networks of KPs and PLHIV and their Community-Based Organizations (CBOs) to develop enhanced models for maintaining improved prevention programs with links to the CoPCT. Backed by the institutionalized HIV cascade model, the project have the ability to constantly analyze the current situation and make informed decisions about the changes that need to be made to minimize the leakage observed in the cascade.

The portion of LINKAGES Nepal that AMDA-Nepal implement in Jhapa, Morang and Sunsari districts include HIV care, support and treatment services for FSWs, clients of FSWs and PLHIV.

The project has been strenghtening the service accessibilty and delivery capacity of the local community, targeted beneficiaries and community based organizations for HIV care, support and treatment. Once they empowered and able to deal the program activities for the prevention of HIV/AIDS, AMDA shall handover it to the concerned organisation/comminuty.