Health Insurance
As per the rationalization of services, AMDA is gradually disengaging from direct delivery of health services and advocate for refugees’ self enrolment in National Health Insurance Board.  AMDA in coordination with UNHCR successfully coordinated in enrolment of 1,533 refugee households (87%) from Beldangi refugee camp in April 2018. AMDA enrolled families who missed earlier enrolment exercise with genuine reason (jail bound or hospital admission, etc.) in the health insurance scheme on 13 October 2018 where 36 refugees were enrolled.
AMDA will continue advocacy of enrolment of refugee from Sanishcare and also advocate for refugees’ self-enrolment in health insurance scheme in 2019. AMDA and UNHCR will support Health insurance board in 2019 during the enrolment period. Meantime, AMDA will also supervise and monitor services covered through health insurance in different public health facilities and report to UNHCR.