Monthly Progress Report

February 2021

 A.List of Activities accomplished in the month
SN Activities Status Remarks
1            FCHV Training at Jorpati Health Post  Conducted on 4th Feb 2021 Conducted on World Cancer Day
2 Screening camp at AMDA Nepal Office Conducted on 27th Feb 2021  
3 Coordination with Focal Person of Health Department of Gokarneswore Nagarpalika Conducted on 7th Feb 2021  
4 Procurement of Medical Equipment Technical Evaluation is on progress  

B. Narrative Summary of Activities and Key Findings

  1. FCHV Training
In coordination with Health Department of Gokarneswore Nagarpalika, FCHV Training Program was conducted on 4th Feb 2021, World Cancer Day, "a time to rally our voices and empower both individuals and communities to make progress in the fight against cancer ". The program was conducted in the presence of Mayor Mr. Santosh Chalise, Mr. Rajiv Thapa (Ward President), Mr. Hari Prasad Upadhaya (PHO), Dev Shobha Shrestha, and Purna Bahadur Basnet( Health Department of Municipality), and all the Health Facility Staffs at Jorpati Health Post, Arubari. The program was commenced with a detailed brief on the breast and cervical screening camp that we are planning to conduct in Amda Office and one in Health Post every month. Also, addressed the importance of the program.
The training was intended for Female Community Health Volunteers (FCHV).The total number of FCHV participants were 33 and provide participant with:
  • an introduction about cancer and aboutmost common cancer in Nepal
  • briefed about breast and cervical cancer, and the incidence and highly impacted age group
  • causes, risk factors, sign and symptoms, diagnosis method, preventive measures, treatment
  • Importance of screening, key notes that need to done before screening and its benefits as well.
During the training session, all the content was explained properly followed by brain-storming, information exchange, and shared opinions and experiences of FCHV. Overall, the program was conducted smoothly and effectively as per the set schedule. With the closing remarks, the program was ended by the Mayor with valuable keynotes about the program and its positive impact on women's health of the community.

2.Screening Camp at Amda Office

This was a one day event conducted on 27th February 2021 at AGWC, Amda Office, Jorpati. The camp was executed from 9:30 am to 4:00 pm. A total of 12 team members comprising of doctors, nursing staffs, clinic aid, volunteers and project staffs (see section I form, complete list of team members) were mobilized for the camp administration and service delivery. The event was targeted to women between 30 to 65 years of age. A total of 45 women attended the camp and benefitted from the screening services for the breast and cervical cancer.
The activities undertaken in the camp have been listed in the points below in a sequential manner.
  • Registration of clients was undertaken.
  • Written informed consent was taken from the clients in the consent form.
  • Breast and Cervical Cancer Screening Forms were filled which included personal details, medical history, family history and detail on procedure conducted and findings.
  • Blood pressure and height of the clients were measured and recorded.
  • Cervical cancer screening was performed through visual inspection of the cervix with acetic acid (VIA).
  • After the cervical cancer screening, clinical examination of breast was performed for breast cancer screening.
  • The findings from both the cervical and breast cancer screening was disseminated by the medical team with necessary health information and counseling.
  • Those women who were screened positive (VIA positive and suspected lump in the breast) in the screening tests were referred to the Teaching Hospital for confirmatory diagnosis and prompt treatment.
 I. Composition of the team members
SN Name of the Team Designation Organization Remarks
1 Dr. YP Singh Consultant  TUTH  
2 Dr. Neebha Ojha  Consultant  TUTH  
3 Dr.Rupam Pandey MO BCH  
4 Dr.Aakriti Yadav MS Resident TUTH  
5 Dr. Neha Singh  MO    
6 Neela Kayastha Nursing Officer TUTH  
7 Goma Dahal Volunteer    
8 Srijana Shrestha PO AMDA  
9 Subash Dulal CF AMDA  
10 Kalpana Khadka Clinic Aid TUTH  
11 Tika Prasad Aryal CA AMDA  
12 Laxman Lama Driver AMDA  

II. Service Details Age Group wise :
SN Age Group of Clients Total Registered Clients Breast Cancer Serviced Clients Cervical Cancer Serviced Clients Remarks
1 30-34 years 3 3 3  
2 35-39 years 9 9 9  
3 40- 44 years 12 12 12  
4 45-49 years 4 4 4  
5 50- 54years 6 6 6  
6 55-59 years 2 2 2  
7 60-64 years 8 8 7  
8 65+ years 1 1 1  
  Total 45 45 44  

III. Outcomes from the Screening Client
SN Cervical Cancer Screened Client Breast Cancer Screened Client Referred To Remarks
1 1 client was referred for USG Pelvis and plan for polypectomy 14 Benign lump identified Referred for Mammogram
1 Suspicious lump
Teaching Hospital(TUTH)  
2 1 client -VIA positive 30 clients were Suggested for Mammogram Teaching Hospital(TUTH)  
3 1 client referred for USG due to infection   Nepal Medical College (NMC)  
4 1 client referred for Urine R/E   Nepal Medical College (NMC)  
5 3 client referred for further checkup     Teaching Hospital(TUTH)  

3.Coordination with Focal Person of Health Department of Gokarneswore Nagarpalika

On 2nd Feb 2021, coordination was done with Hari Psd Upadhaya Sir regarding FCHV training on breast and cervical cancer screening program and its importance to the community people. Discussed the program schedule and dissemination content to FCHV of Jorpati area. Likewise, for the screening camp at AMDA office, meeting was conducted with health unit team on 15th and 21st Feb for the needed support during camp conduction and to disseminate the information to community people.

4. Procurement of Medical Equipment
As per the standard policy of procurement procedure, tender notice for the supplies namely mammogram, USG machine and Colposcopy was published on 6th Feb 2021 and on 24th Feb 2021 submitted tender was opened. Further now, it has been sent for the technical evaluation. As soon the technical evaluation will be completed, among all the best quality of equipment one of them will be selected based on their quotation and supplies will be ordered from the selected vendor by the end of April 2021.

C. Lesson Learned

  • Coordination with municipality and local health facilities was instrumental in generating demands and ensuring the successful implementation of the camp.
  • Experienced team from different department had enhanced the quality of service with good team work during the screening camp day. It helped to conduct camp in a systematic and smooth way.

D. Plan for Next Month (MARCH)

SN Planned Activities Planned Date Remarks
1 FCHV Training  at Gokarna Primary Hospital On 23rd March 2021  
2 Screening Camp at AMDA Nepal Office On 13th March 2021  
3 Screening Camp at Jorpati HP On 20th March 2021  
4 Screening Camp at Gokarna Primary Hospital On 27th March 2021  
5 Procurement Plan  of Purchasing Medical Equipment’s namely Mammogram, USG machine and Colposcopy By the end week of April 2021  
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