PHC Project for Bhutanese Refugees

The project focus on;
  • Providing support to governmental health facilities in treating host and refugee population specially of mental health by recruiting mental health prescribers and psycho-social counsellors,
  • Advocacing to include Beldangi refugees in health planning population figures at Municipality level, inclusion of Sanischare camp refugees in the health insurance scheme
  • Providing capacity enhancement training / technical, small scale infrastructural, and in-kind support to public health facilities in the host community in order to enhance quality of services and absorption capacity;
  • Providing and enhancing psycho-social and mental health services in national institutions
  • Providing and enhancing community based health services;
  • Advocating for refugees’ access to public health services both at regional and central level.
The advocacy efforts will primarily take place through coordination meeting with public health facilities, Health Task Force and other strategic partnerships in line with the established roadmap to continue access of refugees in the public health services. AMDA, in close cooperation with UNHCR, will ensure implementation of agreed action plan to achieve sustainable high-quality health services for both refugees and host community.
AMDA Nepal

Contact Details

AMDA Nepal
Gokarneshwar Municipality - 6, Jorpati
P.O. Box 8909, Kathmandu
Phone: +977 (1) 4910235, 4911140
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AMDA Hospital
Damak Municipality-2, Kharkhare, Jhapa
Phone: +977 (23) 580046, 580667
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Siddharth Children & Women Hospital
Butwal Sub-Metrpolitan -7, Rupendehi
Phone: +977 (71) 502097
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AMDA Mechi Hospital
Mechinagar Municipality-10, Dhulabari, Jhapa
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AMDA Institute of Health Science
Damak Municipality-2, Kharkhare, Jhapa
Phone: +977 (23) 580186, 582186